Tim's Know Your Homes 101 - Spanish Mission Revival

Spanish style homes are very distinct in their style and feel. Perhaps the most famous style of Spanish architecture in the United States is the Mission Revival. If your mind jumped to Mission tortilla chips, rather than Mission Revival, you are actually a lot closer to correct than you might have thought. The hanging bell through an arched opening is one of the calling cards of Mission Revival architecture--hence the chip's name. 

The Mission Revival style roots back to imperial Spain, when missionaries built churches across North and South America. These older, public structures were known for their breathtaking interiors with enclosed courtyard, arched entryways, and prominent bell towers as seen in the image below. However, builders and architects who revived the style for residential homes showcased the exterior components that make Spanish architecture stand out.

Residential Mission Revivals in the US are unique for their clay roof tiles, most often in red. The high, white stucco walls help the roof stand out even more. If the walls aren’t white, then the exterior walls are most commonly colored in a tan or burnt orange.



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